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Veteran Services

Veteran Services

Serving you as you served us!

We are proud to offer FREE preservation and filing of your Military Discharge Records. 

Why file your DD214?

  • When a DD214 gets lost or misplaced, it can take two weeks or longer to get a replacement issued from the National Archives. Your DD214 contains valuable information that can help you with your VA healthcare benefits, GI Bill and other benefits, and it's a very good idea to develop a strategy to prevent losing access to that information in the future.

  • If your replacement copy of the DD214 is destroyed in a fire, for example, you can quickly get a replacement copy by coming to the Clerk's Office and requesting access to your records. This can help you avoid the two week (or more) wait to receive another replacement from the National Archives.

Types of Records Included:

  • Copy 4, DD Form 214 issued by the United States government;

  • Any copy of DD Form 214 with a raised seal issued by the United States National Personnel Records Center; or

  • United States National Archives Form 13038.

How to file:

  • A veteran desiring to have his or her military discharge records permanently recorded in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Morgan County should bring the records to the Real Estate Division of the Clerk's Office. The office is located at 384 Hancock Street, Madison, Georgia 30650.

Protecting your information:

  • Military discharge records are exempt from the Open Records Act for a period of 50 years from its filing.

  • Anyone requesting copies of military discharge records must complete a sworn affidavit, which is then reviewed by the Clerk's Office.

Obtaining Copies (including certified):

  • There is no filing fee for this service, nor is there a fee for obtaining copies, certified or otherwise. However, to protect military discharge records against fraudulent misuse, strict enforcement of Georgia laws are followed concerning who may view and receive copies of discharge records.

  • Upon the presentation of proper identification and completion of a sworn affidavit, the following persons may examine and obtain a copy or certified copy of the record free of charge.

    • The person who is subject of the record

    • Spouse or next of kin of the person subject of the record

    • A person named in an appropriate power of attorney executed by the person who is the subject of the record

    • The administrator, executor, guardian, or legal representative of the person who is the subject of the record

    • An attorney for any person who is the subject of the record

  • Those meeting the requirements above may request copies in person at the Clerk's Office. 

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