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Passports Processed &
Photos Taken Here

Bring with you the Following:

• Passport application* completely filled out in with the in BLACK ink with the exception of your signature

(you will sign the application in front of us) 


• One 2x2 official color passport photograph OR Have you Photo Taken Here for $10.00 (Cash or money order)


• Certified copy of birth certificate (from Vital Records Department) Naturalization Papers (proof of U.S Citizenship)


• Valid I.D. card or Georgia’s Driver’s License ~ With Address the SAME as the address used on the Application


CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to::U.S DEPT OF STATE in the amount of:

$130.00 - Passport Book - 16 years of age or older

$100.00 -   Passport Book - under 16 years of age

$30.00 -   Passport Card - 16 years of age or older

$15.00 -   Passport Card - under 16 years of age

$160.00 - Passport Book & Card - 16 years of age or older

$115.00 - Passport Book & Card - under 16 years of age

ADDITIONAL $60.00 for Expedited Passports (per passport if applicable)


ADDITIONAL $19.53 For Express Mail Return (per passport if applicable) 

Express mail service is strongly recommended by the United States passport agency.


CASH or MONEY ORDER made payable to: MORGAN CO SUPERIOR COURT CLERK for the fees below:  

$35.00 – Execution Fee (per passport)

$10.00 – Photo (per person)

$28.75 - Express Mail service (if applicable((only one charge per family) Must be separate from execution fee

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Children Under Age 16

Both Parent's or Child's Legal Guardian(s) MUST appear in person OR bring documentation (Form DS 3053 which MUST be Notarized) in the absence of the second Parent when applying for a Child's Passport.

Children must also appear in person.

renewal by mail_edited.png

Renew By Mail Yourself... IF 

ALL of these Apply to you:

 * Current Passport is in your Possession 

* Current Passport was  ISSUED when you where an adult (10 year passport)

* Current Passport was ISSUED within the last 15 years 

  • Fill out DS-82 Form  (BLACK INK ONLY)

  • Attach a new photo

       (we take photos here for $10.00 cash or money order)

  • Attach a CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to:

       “U.S. Department of State”

  • $130.00 for routine service

  • $190.00 for expedite service

       ($130.00 + $60.00 expedite fee)

  • Write full name & date of birth on the memo line of the check or money order

  • Sign and date the passport application

  • Attach check below photo with one staple on the left side

  • Attach picture with a staple on each corner of the photo (4 staples total)

  • Attach the passport on the 2nd page of the application with one staple and close it with a paper clip

  • Mail to appropriate address for either routine or expedite service. 

      (Dept. of State suggests trackable mailing such as a Priority Flat Rate Envelope)


Name Change 

Free Name Change if Current Passport was issued within a year. You will need:

Certified Copy of Marriage License

Current Passport

Drivers License with the New Name & Current Address to Match the Application

Passport Photo 

Form DS 550

IF your passport was NOT issued in the last year you will need: 

Form DS 82 & ALL of the LISTED ABOVE along with your Forms of Payment (see the Bring with you at the top for Payment Information) 

Lost or Stolen Passport

This is considered a new Passport Application (Form DS 11) with an ADDITIONAL Form DS 64. See "Bring with you" at the Top of this Page..


*For Online Passport Forms & Further information, visit the Passport Agency at the link below

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