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Filing Activity Notification System  (F.A.N.S)

Clerk of Court, Jody M. Higdon, partners with Clerk's Authority to offer a FREE Filing Notification System to protect Morgan County property owners!


Over the past few years we have seen an uptick, throughout Georgia, of criminals filing fraudulent deeds. The criminal selects a property, steals the owner’s identity and files a real-estate instrument, such as a Deed, where the ownership of the property is transferred away from the rightful owner. All of this takes place unbeknownst to the property owner.  

While no reports of this have been brought to my attention with respect to property in Morgan County, many property owners have called or visited my office to expressed their concerns, of which I share. I’m not one to wait for a crisis and then react – we needed to offer our citizens a way to monitor this activity and fast!”

While this system will not stop a criminal, it will notify the property owner as soon as something is filed, allowing them to take action immediately. I hope you find this free service to beneficial as my office continues to explore and implement ways to improve the services delivered to you, our great citizens.

Your Clerk,

Jody M. Higdon

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WORRIED ABOUT A THIEF FILING SOMETHING AGAINST YOUR PROPERTY?  Sign up for our FREE Filing Activity Notification System - F.A.N.S!


The Filing Activity Notification System (F.A.N.S.) is a free, voluntary, opt-in program that can be used to send electronic notifications of filing activity to individuals who create notifications in the system. The notifications generated by this system are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete, and use of the system is subject to an acknowledgment of these conditions.

The system allows the subscriber to receive notifications based on an individual's name or property address. Once registered, you will then receive notifications anytime that name or address is mentioned on a real-estate filing.

Questions Regarding F.A.N.S. or having System Issues?


Please contact the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority Customer Support Department at 1(800) 304-5174, email or contact the Clerk's Office.

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